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Silage & Grain Bags

Grain Bags


By adding just a little more thickness to each of our BAG ALL silage bags, they are able to withstand and store high energy silage. Our grain bags have the same unique design as the silage bags that allow for maximum capacity filling, premium resins, and UV Protection!

Available Grain Bag Sizes:
8.0 mil
8' x 150'
8' x 200'
8' x 250'
8' x 300'
8.5 mil
9' x 150'
9' x 200'
9' x 250'
9' x 300'
9.0 mil
10' x 150'
10' x 200'
10' x 250'
10' x 300'
9.5 mil
12' x 300'
12' x 400'
12' x 500'
9.5 mil
14' x 300'
14' x 400'
14' x 500'

Bag Tape

KSI has a unique, specially made bag tape. This brand of tape is one of the only brands that can stick to, and stay on agricultural plastic. It has an aggressive adhesive coat on a soft versatile vinyl and is designed to repair tears and punctures on silage and/or grain bags, sheets and film. The superior quality and makeup of the tape has good resistance to aging, sun, water and corrosive chemicals. It’s a strong and conformable that also provides good vapor barrier protection for your silage. Tape rolls come in 3” and 6” wide and are 108 feet long.