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We carry multiple twine product lines, all produced by Cordex's Agricultural specialty section. Cordex is one of the leading producers of twine because they are known for their consistency. They buy all of their raw materials from the same suppliers each year, and their products are always produced in the same factories, by the same high quality extruders. Our twine, just like our net wrap, is manufactured and tested under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and each pallet is hand checked by the quality control department before it leaves the factory. Please call for additional sizes and availability!

Maxxcord: Don't underestimate the power of pink! This twine is the newest, high performance twine for all HD balers. It is knotter friendly for trouble free tying, has reduced knot slippage, and the pink color gives it a high visibility. It's thinner, it's stronger, and it's smoother then anything you have ever worked with before!
Available in 3750/600.

Ultra-Grip: This cream colored ultra-grip twine has an 80% higher knot grip than any standard twine. It has guaranteed superior knot strength with an average being around 550 lbs./250 kg.
Available in 4,000/550 and 4,000/450.

Standard: Balecord offers you a full range of twines that can be used in all round, square, and big baling machines. Each twine offers premium quality, heavy duty strength, is tension tested, and has UV stabilization.
Available in 4,000/440, 7,200/170, 9,000/130 20,000/110, and more!

Giant Spools: Start your job fully-loaded. Load up to 50% more twine length in your baler giving you less down time re-loading and fewer mis-tied bales between spools.
Available in 6,000/350, 5,500/400, and 5,000/440

Sisal: This is a solar degradable twine that is waterproof. It has a guaranteed real running length, has consistency throughout the ball, meaning no thick and thin spots, and is odorless.
Available in 7,200, 9,000, 16,000, and more!

Envirocord: Developed as an alternative to sisal twine, Cordex has over 15 years of experience manufacturing this highly technical product. When comparing the same spool length and tensile strength, you will see savings of 33% - 50% is comparison to using sisal twine.
Available in 16,000/180 and 9,000/140.

Xtreme: Extensive field testing with new high-density balers has led to the High-density baler twine. This twine features the ultra-grip technology with high knot strength and is specially made for "Xtreme" baling. Works in all high-density balers.
Available in 4,000/600 and 3,300/600.