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2 in 1 Bunker Covers

What could be better than having a top rated oxygen barrier and 6 mil bunker cover on your pile? Having them combined into one roll, reducing your labor costs in half and reducing the risk of taring the oxygen barrier by almost 100%! This 2 in 1 product is unique to KSI Supply, Inc. only. It’s made out of the same 6 mil plastic and Oxygen Barrier that you already use and have years of experience with. When comparing our product to our competitors, you can see some fundamental differences. Our competitor’s produce the oxygen barrier and 6 mil bunker cover plastic connected to each other, requiring either a reaction to separate the two layers, or leaving them together indefinitely. By doing this, the oxygen barrier isn’t able to form to the pile like it’s supposed to, leaving room for air to get into your pile. Our 2 in 1 product has nothing but a patented folding process holding it together, so they only thing that has to work in your favor when applying it to your pile is gravity. This will give you the same air tight quality that you are used to from our products

Available 2 in 1 Bunker Cover Sizes (2 & 6 Mil):

40' x 200'
40' x 500'
50' x 200'
50' x 500'
60' x 200'
60' x 500'

Not All "Oxygen Barrier" Plastics Are Equal

A blind study was done and released by Hoards Dairymen comparing different brands of Oxygen Barrier and 5 mil bunker cover plastic.

KSI's Oxygen Barrier is product "C", ranked 3rd for oxygen barriers, and our 5 mil bunker Cover is product "F", ranked 2nd for 5 mil bunker covers in this blind study. As you can see, while there are two oxygen barriers ranked before ours when tested for oxygen transmission, KSI’s brand of oxygen barrier is still a top choice, if not thee top choice when factoring in pricing and availability. Call for more details on why our Oxygen Barrier out ranks the others!"