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Black Wall Lining Plastic

KSI Supply is one of the only suppliers in the North American market that has access to quality, tri extruded, center folded Black Wall Lining Bunker plastic. Now, most farmers don’t think that they need to line their bunker walls but, just take a look at the pictures below. The one on the left is a bunker wall that was poured only 5 years ago, but was never covered with wall lining plastic. As you can see, it’s cracked, and eroded all the way through and will need to be redone. The photo on the right is a bunker wall that was always covered by KSI Black Wall Lining Bunker plastic. There is little to no damage or erosion on this wall. This is because the Black Wall Lining Bunker plastic prevents any leech aid from being absorbed into the concrete, leech aid increase the erosion of concrete immensely.

Available Black Wall lining Plastic Sizes (6 Mil):

24' x 100'
24' x 150'
24' x 200'
24' x 500'
32' x 100'
32' x 150'
32' x 200'
32' x 500'
40' x 100'
40' x 150'
40' x 200'
40' x 500'
40' x 1150'

Not All "Oxygen Barrier" Plastics Are Equal

A blind study was done and released by Hoards Dairymen comparing different brands of Oxygen Barrier and 5 mil bunker cover plastic.

KSI's Oxygen Barrier is product "C", ranked 3rd for oxygen barriers, and our 5 mil bunker Cover is product "F", ranked 2nd for 5 mil bunker covers in this blind study. As you can see, while there are two oxygen barriers ranked before ours when tested for oxygen transmission, KSI’s brand of oxygen barrier is still a top choice, if not thee top choice when factoring in pricing and availability. Call for more details on why our Oxygen Barrier out ranks the others!"