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Oxygen Barrier

2 Mil Oxygen Barrier

The use of oxygen barrier is estimated to reduce the loss of silage by at least 5%

As a Farmer, one of your main goals is to prevent oxygen from spoiling your feed, and we as your supplier understand this need. This is why we choose a brand of Oxygen Barrier that is true to its name. With a unique layer of melted nylon our barrier is second to none. It forms snug to the contours of your pile, eliminating up to 20 times more oxygen then when just using the black and white plastic. Our brand of Oxygen Barrier is one of the leading barriers in the world! In addition to major savings in silage, you also create consistency of feed in your pile. By doing this you create a higher quality of feed, leading to an increase in nutritional value for your animals, and ultimately an increase in milk production of each cow giving you back even more money.

Available Oxygen Barrier Sizes (2 Mil):

40' x 200'
40' x 500'
40' x 1,150'
50' x 200'
50' x 500'
50' x 1,150'
60' x 200'
60' x 500'
60' x 1,150'
65' x 200'
65' x 500'
65' x 1,150'
According to Dr. Keith Bolsen, who is a silage management expert and professor emeritus at Kansas State University, the use of oxygen barrier is estimated to reduce the loss of silage by at least 5%. So if you have a bunker silo with 3,000-ton capacity, you can see on average $3,000 to $5000 net savings. Now if you have a 3000-ton capacity drive over pile, you can see a net savings up to $9000!

Not All "Oxygen Barrier" Plastics Are Equal

A blind study was done and released by Hoards Dairymen comparing different brands of Oxygen Barrier and 5 mil bunker cover plastic.

KSI's Oxygen Barrier is product "C", ranked 3rd for oxygen barriers, and our 5 mil bunker Cover is product "F", ranked 2nd for 5 mil bunker covers in this blind study. As you can see, while there are two oxygen barriers ranked before ours when tested for oxygen transmission, KSI’s brand of oxygen barrier is still a top choice, if not thee top choice when factoring in pricing and availability. Call for more details on why our Oxygen Barrier out ranks the others!"