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Bag Tape

KSI has a unique, specially made bag tape. This brand of tape is one of the only brands that can stick to, and stay on agricultural plastic. It has an aggressive adhesive coat on a soft versatile vinyl and is designed to repair tears and punctures on silage and/or grain bags, sheets and film. The superior quality and makeup of the tape has good resistance to aging, sun, water and corrosive chemicals. It’s a strong and conformable that also provides good vapor barrier protection for your silage. Tape rolls come in 3” and 6” wide and are 108 feet long.

End Caps

End caps are a great way to seal off your row of bales when using bale wrap. They are white, 4-millimeter-thick, UV stabilized flat bags used on the first and last bale for in line wrapping. When looking at the sizes available, the first number listed is the diameter for the opening of the bag, and the second number is the width of the cap.

Sizes Available:

88" x 72" — Recommended for a 4' Bale
93" x 72" — Recommended for a 4.5' Bale
110" x 72" — Recommended for a 5' Bale

Rack Stands

Rack stands are made to make it easier for the farmer to apply the bunker covers to their piles. They are available with a 3-point mount or with a skid steer quick attachment. By having a rack stand, the hassle and labor required to cover your pile diminishes extensively. These stands have two bars so you can lay your 5 or 6 mil bunker cover with the Oxygen Barrier at the same time, reducing the risk of taring the oxygen barrier. These stands are engineered to withstand the weight and size of every poly manufacturer.

Hay Treatment

What signifies a good hay treatment are the percentages concentration that make up the preservative. Our Chemorse Pro-Fame hay treatment is one of the higher concentration percentages, sitting at around 68%, the average amount is in the lower 60’s. Ours is 68% propionic acid, with 2% buffering agents. Propionic acid, is the best mold-inhibiting agent on the market and proven effective against Aspergillus (produces aflatoxin and ochratoxin) Hay Treatments are known to decrease dust and mold, assist in maintaining hay's green color and natural smell, and give you the ability to bale sooner. We don’t require that the totes be returned once emptied.

Sizes Available:

450lbs Barrels
2400lbs Totes

Elasta Tubes

Elasta Tube provide an oxygen free environment for anaerobic fermentation of high-moisture round bale silage. When tubing wet bale forage, these tube’s help farmers store high quality feed conveniently. They are produced by Hyplast who uphold a strong reputation for durable agricultural films. These tubes are manufactured with a unique blend of resins that allow the tube to fit snug to the bale with stretch memory properties. They are tri-extruded just like the bunker covers to reduce stem punctures, and have UV protection.

Sizes Available:

73"x 150' 4 mil Recommended for 4' bales
73"x 220' 4 mil Recommended for 4' to 4.5' bales
87"x 150' 4 mil Recommended for 4.5' bales to 5' bales
87" x 220' 4 mil Recommended for 4.5' bales to 5' bales


Tire sidewalls are the perfect tool to use when trying to keep your bunker cover exactly where you want it. University studies have proven unanimously that tire sidewalls provide the best protection for crop spoilage by greatly minimizing exposure to air, water, disease, and mold. While whole tires trap stagnant water, insects, and other pests, sidewalls will help you improve your hygiene, save labor, and help improve your silage. Tires are available for delivery directly to your farm, as well as small load pickups at our office location. We offer punched and un-punched tires with about 2,220 tires per truck load.

Free Recycling program

For the first time ever farmers are able to get free personal recycling dumpsters. You can have 1, you can have 10, you can have as many as you need, free of charge! These dumpsters can have scrim free bunker covers, oxygen barriers, silage bags, bale wrap, and tape. The plastic does not need to be washed off before you put it inside of your dumpster. If you don’t feel you will be able to fill a dumpster in the allotted time, we also have dumpsters here at our office site 904A Monroe Street, where you can come and drop off your plastic during business hours!